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Temple Event Calendar 2018

 S.F.H.T Calendar 2018


·       January

Monday 1st                  New Year Havan (No Other Program)

Saturday 13th               Lohri

Sunday 14th                 Makar Sankranti

Tuesday 16th               Amavas

Sunday 21st                Basant Panchmi

Friday 26th                  Mata Chowki

Sunday 28th                Purnima Celebration (No Other Program)

Wednesday 31st         Purnima


·       February

Tuesday 13th                Mahashivratri

Thursday 15th               Amavas

Friday 23rd                    Mata Chowki


·       March

Thursday 1st                  Purnima, S.N. Pooja

Friday 2nd                      Holi, Holika Dahan

Saturday 17th                Amavas

Sunday 18th                  Navratri Start (No Other Program)

Saturday 24th               Chandi Havan

Sunday 25th                  Ram Navami , Ram Janam (No Other Program)

Friday 30th                    Mata Chowki

Saturday 31st                 Hanuman Jayanti (Actual Hanuman Jayanti day)




·       April

Sunday 1st                     Ram Pooja, Kanya Pooja (No Other Program)

Saturday 7th                 Akhand Ramayan Path Start

Sunday 8th                    Akhand Path Bhog finish

Monday !6th                 Amavas

Wed.  18th                     Akshya Tritiya

Sunday 22nd                  Shnkrachrya Jayanti (No Other Program)

Friday 25th                    Mata Chowki

Monday 30th                 Purnima S.N. Pooja


·      May

Tuesday 15th                 Amavas

Friday 25th                     Mata Chowki

Tuesday29th                 Purnima S.N. Pooja


·       June

Wed. 13th                      Amavas

Thursday 28th               Purnima S.N. Pooja

Friday 29th                    Mata Chowki


·       July

Thursday 12                  Amavas

Sunday 15th                   Rath Yatra (No Other program)

Friday 27th                     Guru Purnima, S N Pooja

Friday 27th                    Mata Chowki

Sunday 29th                  Guru Purnima Celebration

Monday 30th                 Shravan Som Began. Up to August 24th



·       August

Thursday 12th               Amavas

Monday 13th                 Haryali Teej

Wed.  15th                     Naag Panchmi

Saturday 25th                Purnima S.N. Pooja

Saturday 25th                Rakhi

Friday 31st                     Mata Chowki


·       September

Saturday 1st                 KRISHAN JANAM ASHTMI

Sunday 2nd                    Actual Janam Ashtmi Day

Wed. 12th                      Ganesh Chaturthi (Actual Day)

Sunday 16th                  Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration

                                       (No Other Program)

Sunday 16th                  Radha Ashtmi

Friday 21st                     Mata Chowki 

Monday 24th                 Purnima S.N. Pooja

Tuesday 25th                 Pitri PAKSH, SHRADH Start



·       October

Monday 8th                   Pitri Paksh Finish

Tuesday 9th                   Navratri Start

Friday 12th                    Mata Chowki (Regular Time Mata Chowki No Live Dandia, can start after Arti @ 9PM)

Saturday 13th               Live Dandia

Sunday 14th                  Navratri Pooja (No other Program)

Tuesday 16th                 Chandi Havan

Wed.  17th                     Ram Navami

Thursday 18th               Dussahra

Friday 19th                    Live Dandia

Sunday 21st                   Ram Pooja, Kanya Pooja ( No Other Program)

Tuesday 23rd                Sharad Purnima, S.N. Pooja followed by Hanuman Chalisa

Saturday 27th                Karva Chowth


·       November

Monday 5th                   Dhan Teras

Tuesday 6th                   TEMPLE DIWALI CELEBRATION

Wed. 7th                        Actual Diwali Day

Sunday 11th                  Annkoot Celebration (No Other Program)

Saturday 17th                Jalaram Baba Jayanti Confirm with Bhiku Bhai

Sunday 18th                 Tulsi Vivah

Thursday 22nd               S.N.Pooja

Sunday 25th                  Achual day of Tulsi Vivah (Thanksgiving Weekend)



·       December

Thursday 6th       Amavas

Friday 7th            Mata Chowki  (combined month for Nov & Dec )

Sunday 9th          Temple Anniversary

Saturday 22nd     Purnima S.N. Pooja



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